Fact: Gamers can be real race drivers

GT Academy racer wins real GT4 race. Sony is pleased

Sony and Nissan has hailed its GT Academy competition, which saw GT5 Prologue gamers compete for the prize of becoming real race car drivers, a success after its winner crossed the chequered flag in first in a recent race in the European GT4 Cup championship.

The win secured GT Academy man Lucas Ordoņez second in the championship, putting smiles on the GT Academy team's faces and giving all us couch-ridden gamers faith that somewhere in our brains hides a top-class race driver.

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Ordoņez who was one of us sweaty gamers, won the GT Academy compo and now races a real Nissan 350Z.

He said of his win: "This has been the most amazing 18 months. When I look back at what has happened to me since I entered the online part of GT Academy on my PS3 there are just too many fantastic moments to list. The whole experience has been like a dream. And what an amazing weekend, full of the ups and downs of racing."

The lucky git. But dry your eyes because it looks like you might have another chance to win your way into motorsport with the PSP version. "GT for PSP will be released in October and a release date for an all new Gran Turismo 5 game for PlayStation 3 is also due soon. This is likely to create even more GT gamers and hopefully we and Nissan will be able to discover even more real racing talent from among them," says the press release.