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Nintendo: "Currently no plans" for Wii price cut

Platform holder denies price cut talk

Nintendo has denied rampant talk of an impending Wii price cut, telling CVG it currently has "no plans" to reduce the cost of its console.

On the US price cut rumours and possibility of a Wii reduction in Europe, a Nintendo spokesperson said: "We currently have no plans to cut the price of Wii. Current talk of price cuts is rumour and speculation.

"This is rumour and speculation as Nintendo have made no announcements on price. Furthermore this is most likely retailer led much in the same way retailers in the UK offer price promotions on our products."

The statement of course clashes with a leaked Toys R Us brochure, advertising a $50 reduction for the Wii in North America, unless it all turns out to be a US-only affair.

The 'brochure', which advertises a drop down to $249 for the US Wii, is reportedly due to hit at the end of September, with the price cut itself reportedly to come into affect on the first week of October.

If - despite Nintendo's denials - the Wii slash does happen, it's likely to be announced at the Kyoto Cross Media Experience on September 26, where Nintendo's due to participate.

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