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Silent Hill movie gets sequel

Filming to start next year

Silent Hill, one of the better game-to-movie adaptations, is to get a sequel.

Both the screenwriter (Roger Avary) and producer (Samuel Hadida) of the first film have signed their sequel papers, reports The Hollywood Reporter, with filming set to kick off next year after work concludes on the fourth Resident Evil film. Good news.

As well as the Resident Evil films, Hadida has produced True Romance and Avary - who won an Oscar with Quentin Tarantino for the Pulp Fiction screenplay - is also working on the film version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

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Considering the first Silent Hill grossed $47 million in the US alone, it's a surprise that this hasn't happened sooner.

Earlier this year actress Radha Mitchell said that director Christophe Gans likely won't be on board for Silent Hill 2. "[That] is a shame because he's a nutter but he's so passionate about the game. I think he should do it if they do it again," she said.