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Clayfighter remake for WiiWare/DSi

Interplay resurrects beat-em-up for 2010

Clayfighter, the beat-em-up that wasn't that great in 1993, is getting a remake for WiiWare and DSiWare.

The new Clayfighter will be developed by StudioBlack Games' Eric Hart, original programmer of Clayfighter for Super NES, and released on the Nintendo download services in 'summer 2010'.


Fans (or Nintendo owners - we don't think there are actually many "fans") can expect improved graphics and revamped gameplay to take advantage of Nintendo's current-gen consoles, the company says.

Interplay CEO Hervé Caen commented: "We are very enthusiastic to resurrect Clayfighter's crazy characters and unique humor. Eric Hart's involvement in the previous Clayfighter titles makes StudioBlack the logical choice to give this classic franchise a well-deserved makeover."