Wolfenstein pulled from sale in Germany

Swastikas found in localised version

Publisher Activision has reportedly pulled Wolfenstein from sale in Germany after the localised version of Raven Software's shooter was found to contain a swastika.

Nazi symbols such as swastikas are banned from appearing in games released in Germany. Previous casualties include Wolfenstein 3D, which was barred from sale in 1994 because it featured Nazi imagery.

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"Although it is not a conspicuous element in the normal game... we have decided to take this game immediately from the German market," Activision said in a translated statement reported by (via Kotaku).

Schnitterbericht has posted a number of screenshots showing the differences between the US and German versions of Wolfenstein - which is available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC - including one shot featuring a small swastika.

Article supplied by Edge-Online