Kojima wants to innovate motion games

But MGS man 'won't leave core fans behind'

Metal Gear Solid man, Hideo Kojima has said he would like to make a "completely innovative" Project Natal game, but he 'won't leave core fans behind' in the process.

Speaking on a Natal panel at the Tokyo Game Show today (via Gamasutra), Kojima compared the evolution he sees in Natal as "like the 2D to 3D shift, or the first time that I ever played with Family Computer [NES]".

He told the Tokyo audience rather enthusiastically that he believes Natal "has the potential to change everyone's lifestyle dramatically", although there will be some users who are "nervous without any physical controller".

Kojima commented that he wanted to make "a completely innovative game [with a very new control method] that nobody has thought of in the past, but I have core users who are my fans, so I do not want to leave them behind."

However, Hideo said he believes it's possible to cater to core users but also introduce new ones, and has a longer-term dream that the Natal technology could be used to "truly understand who I am in movements, expressions, and voice" -- monitoring health, fitness and more.

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Don't worry kids, he talks about this non-action stuff from time to time but we all know that Hideo has no choice but to make Metal Gear games until the end of time, less angry fans storm his offices with pitchforks.