Unreal Tourney 3 PS3 gets custom sounds

Modders now able to import custom sounds via new ATRAC3 tools

Epic has released a free new tool that allows modders to import their own sounds into the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 - a feature previously only open to PC modders.

A new ATRAC3 program allows for the cooking of sound mods made for the PC version to be converted into files for the PS3. If you're not a mod you'll probably have no idea what we're talking about.

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Basically, expect fart noises and Homer samples on PS3 soon. If you're interested in making some sounds yourself, here's the official deal:

If you are a mod author and want to take advantage of these tools, the instructions are really simple. First, you should have Unreal Tournament 3 for PC, patched to the latest version, installed on your local machine to get started. To access the sound conversion tools, simply click through the ATRAC end-user license agreement (EULA) here, install ATRAC on top of UT3's PS3ModTools v2.1 (which enable the cooking of PC mods for use on the PS3), and begin importing files.

You can read more about creating Unreal Tournament 3 mods for PS3 at the Unreal Developer Network:

To download PS3ModTools 2.1, click here:

To view the ATRAC tools EULA, visit