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Sega quiet on rumoured Alpha Protocol delay

Anything to do with that leaked Sony document?

Various online retailers in the US have pegged back the release for Sega and Obsidian's spy-RPG game, Alpha Protocol, from October this year to summer 2010.

You may remember that Alpha Protocol was named and a bit shamed in that recent Sega/Sony leak: "Michael Foster, product evaluator, said AP felt barely RPG. Initial level too challenging for players. 'Mass Effect felt more RPG.'"

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This caused the dev to hit back, "As for what he said, obviously we enjoy any feedback that we can get, but without knowing how much of the game he played (and I seriously doubt that someone as busy as a product evaluator for Sony is going to be playing through an entire game if it's as long as Alpha Protocol), it's hard to judge what he meant by those comments. Suffice to say that Alpha Protocol is going to tickle your RPG tastebuds when it's released."

We spoke to Sega Europe and got a "no comment" on the delay. Watch this space we reckon.