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Q. What's the worst saving mess-up you've experienced?

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Jem: Once again, a subject which I can only respond to via the medium of Dizzy... Mainly because it's the only save that really messed me up. The only version of Dizzy most people know is the 'Fantastic Adventures' which came out on NES, SNES and Megadrive, and it's the only one I never completed. On the original version, there was no save, so you had to just sit and play for hour after hour to complete it. But once I got an emulator version, I could finally get to the very end, with all the bloody pieces of fruit and coins and what-have-you, and freeze the game at any time. Except that my save, probably about 40 minutes from completion, became corrupted. Still not dared to venture back either... Maybe when I retire.

John: Imagine if you can, a power cut. A regular occurrence in my native rural Lake District, yet something that gave me a surprise, a surprise incidentally not half as big as how I reacted to it. I remember one calm summer's evening, after hours of painstakingly piecing together a huge battlefield for skirmishes in Red Alert's map editing software on the PC, complete with lakes, forests, intricately weaved and perfectly placed road systems and streams... my sodding house had a blackout. The only thing my map lacked in five hours of work was a save. I'd like to think I felt the rampant rage that any usual man would, but instead I calmly slumped onto my bed in the dark, my eyes wide open and glaring into the blackness, my mouth open and my anus quivering slightly.

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