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Q. What's the worst saving mess-up you've experienced?

Halo: ODST is out and wrecking saved games left, right and centre. To everybody who's affected: we feel your pain. Really...

Tim: Wiping eight seasons of data on Football Manager is up there for me. I'd decided to start a new season, with a new club from scratch - just for a change of pace - but wanted to retain the old save in case I became bored of starting life all over again with zero budget and a bunch of journeyman cloggers. (My eight-season save included overseeing the transformation of Bath City from Conference South middlers into Champions League winners, with E'to and Henry up front.) Problem was, I became so used to saving over the top of my old game, I performed the new save in robot-o-mode. The words I used were... bad.

Mike: Certain saves are more important than others. Back when I was actually good at games I nailed every platinum medal in Blast Corps but didn't fuss when I sold it on Ebay a year or two later. On the other hand, Perfect Dark had a precious, precious save file; a complete profile was the key to more multiplayer stages, more weapons, and more co-op options. A complete save meant more fun with friends and meant you copy had to come to any social occasion. It's also a Rare game; if finishing it doesn't make you scream and curse and hate videogames forever they the boys from Twycross don't feel they've done their job.

Back in 2002 I loaned my Perfect Dark and its precious save file to my friend Will, who promptly had it stolen from his glove box. He left my game in his car, then left his car parked on one of Bristol's more charming roads, then walked away as if he were bloody Batman and nobody would dare mess with his Batmobile for fear of incurring Bat-wrath. Naturally, one of the street's many fine pimps, drug dealers, or general thugs stoved his window in and made off with his radio, my game, and anything else his thieving hands could carry.

A few years later Will and I were subject to a half-assed carjacking in almost the exact same place on the same road. They approached on the passenger side and I got to jab a man in the face with a Crooklock. True story.

Though, in case you're mistaking me for some kind of Mega-hard South West Punisher, I should add that after my mate reversed out of there like he was remaking The Dukes of Hazzard, we went back to mine and had a nice cup of tea.

Matt: Well of my many tales of woe I'm picking one that happened last night. On Halo: ODST, no less. {Ha ha! They'll never twig it's what inspired the theme for this week's Blogcast! Wait, what do you mean I'm still typing?]

So there I am, playing ODST on Legendary on Solo. Turn it on and boot up my last save which happens to be during the fifth flashback. It stalls when loading so I have a bit of a fanny-wobble, restart my 360 and try again. Eventually it loads, and so I play until my better half wants to watch X-Factor. No worries, I say, I'll just leave it paused and carry on after.

Which I do. For a while. Until it's gone midnight and I'm, as Mike reliably informed me this morning, near the end. "Time for bed," I think and hit 'Save and Quit'. Job done - until DISASTER STRIKES! The chapter restarts. (I swear I hit the right button, but my stick must have registered a second upward flick...) I quickly lunge forward to turn off the 360, thinking it's already too late and I'll be dumped back at the start of the chapter. Fearing the worst I immediately reboot the machine to assess the damage. And guess what? I'm back at &*%^!£$ flashback five. $**!

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