iPhone App Store a "pile of rubbish" - Braben

It's "very hard" to find good stuff on Apple store, says LostWinds dev

Respected LostWinds and Elite creator, David Braben has criticised the loose approval service employed for the iPhone App Store, calling the majority of games on the service a "pile of rubbish".

Speaking to CVG this month, Braben - who's currently working on a LostWinds sequel for WiiWare - said that the iPhone shop was proof that a higher game approval process can be a good thing. And he's right, really.

"There's a little bit of a 'gate keeper' thing with Nintendo which raises the bar very slightly because you've got to have dev kits, but that's a good thing," he said. "Look at iPhone; there are so many games that aren't up to scratch, without being too negative about it. It's very hard to find the good stuff amongst the rubbish.

"Another thing I resent is applications or games that are designed to look like something else that's been successful and people accidentally buy them, or they're slightly cheaper and they assume they're getting a cheaper version or the same thing," he added. You know what? We agree with him.

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Apple boasted at a San Francisco event last month that is has 18,000-plus more games than the Nintendo DS and PSP. Braben responded to its claim: "Having a higher pile or rubbish isn't good, it's how many good nuggets there are within it.

"It's not so much regulation [that's needed], it's discrimination so that it's easier for a user to be able to see what other people thought of something," he told CVG. "The rating mechanic is a very good one. I think that helps with iTunes as well."

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias is out on WiiWare in October.