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New Earthworm Jim: First details

Based on Mega Drive version, original music, no Dave Perry

The first details on Gameloft's reworked XBLA, PSN and Wii Earthworm Jim have appeared online.

iPhone version

The new 'Jim will be based on the Sega Mega Drive classic, sporting upgraded visuals, smoother animation, the implementation of difficulty levels and the excellent, original soundtrack by Tommy Tallarico, reveals Gamer Bytes.

In addition, leaderboards will be incorporated into the download remake - which is planned as a one month XBLA exclusive at the end of the year - tracking kills, time and other statistics.

Original heads Dave Perry and Doug Nepal are not involved, says Gameloft, but it promises it's aware of the chronology of Earthworm Jim and will even include the niche bonus level from the Mega CD version of the game.

The developer promises other "surprises" for its version to be revealed at a later date.