Buy FIFA 10 for £24.97 at Tesco

Price war kicks off in supermarkets - gamers win

A price war has erupted around the launch of EA's FIFA 10, with Tesco flogging the footy title for an incredible £24.97.

Despite a recommended retail price of £49.99, other supermarkets are following in Tesco's lead, with Morrisons aiming low at £24.99 and Asda chopping down to £26.71.

Sainsbury's is selling FIFA 10 for £37, reports trade mag MCV. Cheap skates.

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Online reports have already pointed to large queues outside some 24 hour supermarkets, and traditional retailer Gamestation and - which is selling FIFA 10 for £39.99 - promises to price match any supermarket as long as it's within ten miles.

Who ever wins the price war, gamers are the ones who really come out on top. Read our FIFA 10 review, if you haven't already.