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Alpha Protocol delay official... or is it?

Official site shows delay, Sega says "no comment"

Alpha Protocol's seemingly inevitable delay to 2010 came one step closer to confirmation last night, when Sega's official US website changed the RPG's date to "spring 2010".

Expectedly, Sega's since pulled the 2010 date (it's now back to "October 2009") and when contacted Sega UK delivered CVG the obligatory "no comment" on the slip. Just tell us, Sega! It's not coming out this month, is it?!

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It's not the first denial from Sega in the last fortnight either: last week it dished out a "no comment" when various retailers switched the Obsidian RPG to 2010 on their listings.

You may also remember the game being named and shamed in a recent Sega/Sony leak, which might have something to do with the delay. If it's real. Which it is, blatantly.