Hydrophobia XBLA to get disc release

From disc, to XBLA and back again

Full-release-gone-XBLA-game, Hydrophobia will, in fact, eventually get a retail disc release.

That's according to the latest issue of Xbox World 360 Magazine, which reveals that the all three episodes of the download shooter will eventually appear in disc format a year from now.


The game - which has you battling terrorists on a gigantic, futuristic boat - is initially set for release on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC in the form of three five-hour episodes.

Impressively, considering how great the game looks, XBW reports that developer Dark Energy Digital has managed to squeeze the entire game to under 250MB - that's less than the Tour de France XBLA game.

Read the second part of Xbox World 360's Hydrophobia hands-on preview for more. It even has brand new screenshots.