Silent Hill: Shattered Memories out Feb

Konami clears up retail confusion

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be out in February next year Konami has told CVG, clearing up confusion over the game's release brought on by mixed retailer listings.

"It's out in Feb, but has never been officially confirmed as anything else. A few retail sites put a loose November date on it, but we never officially gave it a date until recently," a rep told us. Although the game was widely expected out this winter.

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The game, coming to Wii, PS2 and PSP, will not only receive graphical upgrades over the original PSone classic, but also don a new "Elaborate psychological profiling system", apparently.

"While the new game borrows key plot and setting elements from the original PlayStation game, this re-imagining begins with a visit to a psychiatrist, who asks the player to answer a series of questions. From here on in, their every movement, reaction and response is monitored and the game tailored accordingly," explained Konami.

Sounds interesting, right? There's lots more info here.