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Kojima promises Zone of the Enders 3

ZOE3 will happen, asserts Metal Gear man. Though when remains a mystery

Hideo Kojima of MGS fame has straight up promised to make a sequel for the revered PS2 series, Zone of the Enders.

This follows a statement from Kojima last week when he said a ZOE sequel was "top of the list" of games he wants to make. That gave us hope, but posting on his blog, Kojima promises ZOE 3 will definitely come, he just can't say when.


"We'd like to make an Anubis [Anubis is the Japanese name for ZOE2] sequel at some point," said Kojima. "Also, we feel that if we do it, we'd like to make Anubis succeed this time. I already have a game plan and method for sales in my head. However, we don't know if it will be green lighted. The production lines within Kojima Productions are currently full."

He goes on to add: "I cannot make a promise about time. However, I can promise a sequel," according to Andriasang's translations, which had better be accurate. We need that sequel in our lives. Why? The mad lasers in the above screenshot of ZOE2 is why.