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New Perfect Dark XBLA screenshots

In-game shots show new high-detail Elvis

Here are some brand new shots of the XBLA remake of N64 classic Perfect Dark running on 360 hardware.


As you can see, the blurry resolution and texture quality of the N64 original are now pin-sharp, the guns look to have been re-skinned with more detailed textures and Elvis has had a techie make-over too.

Perfect Dark on XBLA will also feature online play via Xbox Live, which should be ace.

MS said it'd do it's best to answer any questions we have about the remake. So we asked some:

Other than a re-skins is there any other added content in the game?

MS rep: Not talking about that at the minute

When is it out?

MS rep: Release is still planned for 'Winter'

Does it have updated dual-analogue controls?

MS rep: Let me check to see if we have spoken about this yet.