Ubisoft "experimenting" with 360/PS3 motion tech

'If new devices enhance experience, we'll do it', says Ubisoft Montreal boss

Ubisoft Montreal is currently "experimenting" with Xbox 360 and PS3's motion devices, studio president Yannis Mallat has said.

Speaking to CVG in London last night, the Montreal and Toronto boss said that the developer would consider incorporating Natal and PS3 motion devices into existing franchises.

"We're experimenting," he said. "At the end of the day what is really important is the quality of the game, that's the golden rule at Ubisoft. If using the new control devices enhances the quality of the experience, then we'll do it. Should it be new IPs, should it be our own brands.

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"As we speak we are experimenting with that stuff."

When asked if bringing existing motion IPs, Red Steel and Raving Rabbids to PS3 and Natal was a possibility, Mallat responded: "I cannot comment on that."