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Leak: DSi Speak channel coming

Official site spills, Nintendo rep says "nothing has been announced"

A new DSi Speak channel is believed to be on the way, after the new app was mentioned on a customer support page on Nintendo's own website.

The page has been swiftly edited to remove all mention of the new channel, but according to reports, the page for 'error 206602' read: "To redeem a Nintendo DSi Download Ticket number, such as for the Nintendo DSi Speak Channel, enter the number off the Nintendo DSi Download Ticket in 'Settings and Features' off of the main Nintendo DSi Shop page, then select 'Nintendo DSi Download Ticket.'"

It would make sense - the addition of a built-in microphone was one of the biggest hardware changes on the DSi and direct chat between DS units would be very cool.

However, a Nintendo rep has told CVG: "It's rumour as nothing has been announced."