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Aliens vs. Predator

Dedication's what you need

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Have any of the three undergone any massive changes during balancing?

Brickley: Yep (laughs). It's just constant. The game is still months away from completion. From the marine's point of view, in the Aliens movie they were a squad before they were whittled all the way down to one marine. That was a big inspiration because it could've been a squad-based game. As an experience it just felt right to put you in there as a loner, as a survivor and really push the horror aspect.

A huge amount of balancing has gone in to making sure that there's always an answer. If you're a good, skilled player and put the time in to learn, there's always a chance that you can survive.

Gearbox is taking a squad-based approach with its own Aliens shooter. In that sense, do you think both games will offer a different experience?


Brickley: I really hope so because we're massively looking forward to that as well. There's no point in being direct competition in that sense. I'm gagging to play it.

Miller: We only know as much as you do in terms of press releases and information.

Brickley: There's been some high-level contact at trade shows, stuff like that. Gentle ribbing and the trading of drunken ideas but nothing co-operative in that sense.

Do you see them as competition?

Brickley: In a healthy sense yeah, I think so. I think if we all want to produce the best possible game at the end of the day you've got to use your own imagination but keep pace with what other people are doing.

Miller: I think we're quite distinct in the sense of what gameplay we're offering and what gameplay they're offering.

Brickley: It's an aspect of the game; there's also a Predator and there's also the aliens. Certainly that's a game that's focused very much on the USCN so for that reason alone we've taken it in all sorts of different directions.

There's been a lot of controversy this month surrounding Modern Warfare 2 and its ditching of PC dedicated servers. Historically AvP is obviously a big PC game. How are you making sure you support the PC version and keep your community happy?

Brickley: This is a title that we want to support for a long time to come. If it's not been announced yet then certainly the PC version will benefit from Direct X 11 features. That's one thing we can use to make sure that people who invest in the hardware will get the absolute best.

And it was originally a PC title so you can imagine the heritage and the need within Rebellion itself to make sure that people who still play and talk of that game are not left behind.

And are you guys going to have those dedicated servers the community so clearly expects?

Brickley: Well the one thing we can say is obviously running an operation like that is monumentally expensive. For the period the original was up, people who played that game got an incredible experience.

You know what the internet's like. We're obviously used to getting things for free over the years. I guess on our side the thing we're focusing on is whatever your set-up at home, you get the best possible experience from it. We're just trying to use our time and resources wisely.

So is that a yes or a no on the dedicated servers?

Brickley: As I said the game is still quite a way from release so I guess there are other things to be determined during that time.

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