MS: Xbox Live still "generation ahead" of competition

Microsoft responds to PS3 Netflix news

Microsoft has responded to yesterday's news that previously Xbox-only US video streaming service, Netflix will be arriving on PS3 - and at no extra cost.

Unlike Xbox Live Gold subscribers, North American PS3 users won't have to pay any additional charge outside of the monthly Netflix subscriber fee of $8.99. Despite this, a MS spokesperson said Xbox Live Gold is still "a generation ahead of the competition".

"The Netflix experience on Xbox LIVE is unique and reflects our commitment for social entertainment. We believe we offer an experience today that is a generation ahead of what others are offering," the spokesperson said.

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"For a little over $4 a month Xbox LIVE Gold membership is hands-down the best value in home entertainment, and gives you exclusive access multi-player gaming and early demos as well as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix,, "1 vs 100" and more."

Will Microsoft stand its ground, or will it eventually be forced to bring down the price of Xbox Live? One Report reckons it might put the price UP.