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By the way, I love shooting up other players in FPSes, too.

Can we hope that all the loopholes in the Tekken storyline (is Jun alive or not, her relationship with Kazuya, what happened to Kunimitsu etc) will be cleared in the T6 story? - CorpseThrust

Harada: Revealing every single aspect of Tekken's story is probably not going to happen. A lot of the story (and the individual episodes it's composed of) are deliberately kept vague, so I'd like to avoid clearing up everything within Tekken 6 alone.

What I can say is that as far as the development team is concerned, only two people in the story are officially, absolutely dead: the original King (killed by Ogre), and the original Armor King (killed by Marduk). In the world of Tekken, the only characters that actually seem to die real deaths so far are pro wrestlers.

Will there be many more customizations in the console version than there were in the arcades? -Ryuhza


Harada: The character customize options will be exactly as they were in the arcade, but since there's such a huge variety of customization items available in Tekken 6 (for all 40 characters to boot), I think gamers will have more than enough to work with. There are a few additions to the console version, though -- clothing from the TapouT lineup, as well as costumes from famous Japanese manga artists [i.e. CLAMP].

Why are all the characters unlocked from the beginning? Don't you think this will take away from many people's replayability? - Tekken._.PS3

Harada: First off, every Tekken game is released first as an arcade game, then as a console title. It would be a bit unfair to players if we re-locked characters that have always been available in the arcade original.

The biggest reason, though, is the competitive nature of the fighter genre compared to others. A lot of players don't like using unlockable characters because they take longer for everyone to get to grips with compared to the default character set; we get a lot of strong opinions along those lines.

Of course, that doesn't mean the game has zero unlockables. In the Scenario Campaign mode, you choose a character after completing the tutorial; as you proceed through the story, you'll be able to use other characters in the mode as well. Every character has his or her own selection of power-up equipment to collect; there's a ton of volume there. The ending movies for each character are another type of unlockable, too.

What, if anyone, real-life Kyokushin fighters are Jin and Kazuya based on? - GinSin

Harada: There is a model for Jin, but no one model in particular for Kazuya. The Mishima-style karate that Kazuya and Heihachi practice doesn't exist in real life. Even Jin's karate isn't completely real; a lot of his moves were created by the Tekken project staff.


Why do Eddy and Christie get their own character slots while poor Panda and Kuma have to share? - The Kool Kid

Harada: Once upon a time, Kuma was a Japanese bear if Player 1 selected him and a polar bear if Player 2 chose him. Panda came along as sort of a joke in Tekken 3, but indeed, we have gotten requests to separate Panda from Kuma. It may be a bit of a tall order to up the number of character slots, but I'll put it under consideration.

This being the 10th year anniversary of Tekken TAG Tournament, can we expect to see a release of the Arcade version of Tekken TAG for the XBLA and PSN like you did with Soul Calibur? - Oz80

Harada: Wow! I just realized it's been ten years; that makes me feel really old! That brings back the memories; I remember coming up with the basic structure of the game in five minutes (seriously!). There aren't any plans for a 360 or PS3 release right now, but we definitely get a lot of requests to do something with TAG again.

Will there be a feature where we can take screenshots in-game? - SonKitty

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