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Namco: "Lot of ideas" for Tekken 7

Including Fight Night-style facial movement, director tells CVG

Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada has "a lot of ideas" for Tekken 7, he's revealed in a CVG reader Q&A.

Answering a question from CVG reader 'Kain Carver', Harada said of his Tekken 7 plans: "Oh, there are a lot of ideas... I can't say too much yet, though.

"For example, we've got a new idea for a facial-expression system for when people get punched and so forth. It'd be a real thrill to see in action, so I definitely want to do that."

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Elsewhere in the interview the Tekken director says that despite doom-sayers the fighting genre is "doing pretty well for itself" and he'd love to work on a cross-series fighting game.

Look out for the full CVG Reader Q&A later today.