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Tekken 6: Your Questions Answered Pt. 2

Interview: Tekken director fields more of your queries

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We know where Kunimitsu went, of course... I don't think a lot of fans are all that interested in knowing more about Kunimitsu, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong! She was very much among the least-used characters in Tekken 2. We brought her back for Tekken TAG after getting several requests in the mail, but not only did we receive no response from fans after it was released; some gamers even called her a waste of a character slot! Not exactly our fondest memory on the development staff, no...

Is Zafina's fighting style based off of Kalarippayattu, and if so, is it the actual fighting style within the Tekken universe, or is it portrayed as a different fighting style? - Melee_Sovereign

Harada: Kalarippayattu isn't the base; it's a unique style developed by the people that Zafina grew up with. It's a pretty strange fighting form, really. In terms of modern athletics, it involves a lot of extraneous, unnecessary motion.


Why won't Heiachi die!? - Kool

Harada: In Japan, there's an old saying that goes "the most hated child is the one who thrives the most." Heihachi is 100-percent human, but he just can't seem to die, can he? Maybe it's because he's become such an evil presence, one hated by a vast group of people. Take a look at the world we live in -- only the good die young, and the meaner you are, the easier it seems to be to sleep at night.

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