Tekken 6: Your Questions Answered Pt. 2

Interview: Tekken director fields more of your queries

This is part two of Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada's Q&A session with CVG readers.

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Regarding Scenario Campaign, How does Unlocking Characters/Locations Work? - Mike1234557

Harada: After you finish the tutorial stage, you'll be able to pick a character of your choice to unlock from the entire roster. After that, with every stage you finish, you'll unlock the character that served as the boss of that stage.


You'll also gain access to more routes as you go through the stages, unlocking more locations.

Can the campaign mode be played with two players? - KK

Harada: We'll be adding a challenging online co-op campaign stage later; it'll be available for (free) download this winter.

Do you think other fighting games like Street Fighter IV are too hard to play? - TwoBins3

Harada: Game difficulty is something that's judged differently by everyone who plays it, so it's a bit tough for me to authoritatively say whether it's hard or not. With Street Fighter, I actually think it's pretty easy to get to where you've mastered the basics of fighting. It's straightforward enough, I figure, to learn the move commands for at least one of the characters you use.

If a player thinks a fighting game is hard, usually that's because he's losing to a better player or he's trying to win consistently against a variety of other competitors. I think that's part of the reason people mistakenly think some fighting games are hard; somebody's got to lose after every match, after all.

In-game recording and in-game snapshots: Do you think of adding these features in future Tekken 6 updates? - Mahmood1982

Harada: Movie capture isn't possible with the current console specs, but you can save replays, so hopefully that can serve as a substitute. You can also take screenshots via the PS3's firmware.

Will Gon ever make a reappearance in a Tekken game if permission was granted from the publisher? - Kool Kid

Harada: I'm pretty sure we could get permission, but before that I'd like to know how much of a demand for him there is from gamers.

Are you going to use PlayStation Eye on Tekken 6 if there is a chance? - Mahmood1982

Harada: I'd like to consider it if there's something fun we can think up for it, but I'm not entirely sure how much user demand there is for support, so there's not much I can say right now.


Will there be a fun minigame like Tekken Ball in Tekken 6?- Ryuhza

Harada: Tekken Ball was a game I made when I was a lot younger, so I've got a lot of good memories associated with it. We have gotten more demand for a minigame like that and I'd like to make it happen sometime, but it may not happen with Tekken 6. The scenario campaign mode in this game offers a lot of original gameplay that you wouldn't normally get in a Tekken game, so I hope you can get a chance to try that out.

Many people have speculated about Jun & Kazuya's relationship and Jin's birth. As well as Jun's & Kunimitsu's whereabouts? - KainCarver

Harada: I remember discussing these issues with the other director we had at the time, way back when. There is definitely a particular thought process, or motivation if you will, for Jun to approach Kazuya. The fact that Jun's "missing" definitely doesn't mean she's "dead" in the world of Tekken, either.

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