Left 4 Dead 2 pre-orders "four times" that of the original

People are finally "excited" after initial backlash, says Valve

The number of Left 4 Dead 2 pre-orders are "four times" that of the original game, Valve has revealed.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, Chet Faliszek said he thinks the gaming public is finally excited for the sequel after the initial post-E3 ruckus.

"As we get closer to launch we see the reaction to the demo, pre-orders are four times what Left 4 Dead 1 was, people's excitement, the boycott itself and how it's changed... I think people are just excited now," he said.

As for the infamous boycott, Faliszek says Valve always planned to continue updating the original Left 4 Dead. "One of the weird things at E3 was we knew we weren't showing the complete package, we knew there was a whole bunch of stuff we were holding back but we wanted to show something," he said.

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While the boycott didn't affect Valve's plans for the games, the project lead says it did change "how we talked about it and how we talked with everybody".

"Honestly I made the joke and it's true: If you put $20 in a box and charge $10 for it someone would complain you didn't put $50 in a box. Not to say some of the concerns raised aren't valid, but you're always going to have some kind of upset and that's not how we work. We work at looking at the project and trying to get it out."

Look for the full interview on CVG shortly.