Valve's Chet Faliszek Part 2

Left 4 Dead man talks boycotts, what's next

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The other things we're working on we haven't been announced yet but things are being worked on and other stuff's coming. Not just Left 4 Dead.

And Half-Life 2: Episode Three is still in development?

Faliszek: We'll see.

We'll see if it's dead?

Faliszek: No, no. Until we have something we have to announce we tend not to talk about what we're working on. But we're a studio of 250 people now and about 60 made Left 4 Dead 2. We're actually moving next year from our 30,000 square feet office to a new 70,000 square feet office.

Thanks for talking to us and good luck with the game. Do you have any plans for the launch?

Faliszek: When Left 4 Dead 1 came out we had this contraption that launches the game on Steam so that's officially our launch party, we're all sitting in there and it's a private, Valve-only party.

That happens at 9 and then by 9:30 a group of us were all up in our office playing, actually taking people on in Versus knowing that we had a little bit of an advantage. We'll probably do that again in Scavenge.

The cool thing now is we can do 4-vs-4 matchmaking. That's coming to Left 4 Dead 1 and it'll be out of the box in Left 4 Dead 2.

One thing I wanted to add before I go for you Brits: communicate. Don't be scared of a microphone. You guys are notorious non-talkers on both 360 and PC. Americans are just chattering away, working together as a team. If you want to work together as a team you've got to talk.

You can go into a random 360 game on US servers and it's crazy talk. It's fun. I think a lot of people knock that community but again and again I'm surprised by how fun that is. I've played expert campaigns where by the end of it we're best buddies.

Realism mode will prod you - you have to talk. If you don't talk you're not going to make it. Instead of being harder Realism's actually more challenging as a team because you have to communicate. When a Smoker pulls you off somewhere you've got to yell because nobody can see where you are.

The first time you see people play, somebody will go in a house to get some stuff, turn around and be like 'shit, I can't see anybody'. It's a scary feeling. We'll see if that maybe stimulates the British sternness.

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