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Halo anime gets release schedule

First Halo anime hits Xbox Live Saturday

To backup the launch of Xbox Live hub, Halo Waypoint, Microsoft's detailed the release schedule for anime series, Halo Legends.

The first preview episode of the series, created by famed anime house STUDIO4C, will be released through Waypoint this Saturday, November 7, Microsoft has confirmed.

The Babysitter follows the story of a group of ODSTs who reluctantly accept a Spartan sniper into their strike team, says the blurb.

As they embark on a perilous mission to assassinate a high-ranking Covenant Prophet, old rivalries must be re-examined if the mission is to succeed. Watch what happens as the mission progresses into hostile territory, and both the Spartan and the ODSTs discover something important about each other.

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Following each preview episode, fans will receive a behind-the-scenes looks at each studio's creative process through making of specials, says MS.

The current broadcast schedule of upcoming Halo Legends live-streaming events is as follows:

Introduction to Halo Legends - 11/05/09
The Babysitter - 11/07/09
Making of The Babysitter - 11/14/09
The Duel - 11/21/09
Making of The Duel - 11/28/09
The Package Part 1 - 12/5/09
Making of The Package - 12/12/09
The Package Part 2 - 12/19/09
Making of The Package - 12/26/09
Origins Part 1 - 1/2/10
Making of Origins - 1/9/10
Trailers of upcoming episodes - 2/2/10