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Modern Warfare violence to be raised in Parliament

MP "shocked" over civilian massacre scene

Modern Warfare 2's controversial terrorist civilian massacre scene has lead to an MP vowing to raise his concerns in Parliament today.

Speaking to (wait for it...) the Daily Mail, Labour MP for Leicester East, Keith Vaz vented his anger over the player-controlled terror attack in MW 2.

"I am absolutely shocked by the level of violence in this game and am particularly concerned about how realistic the game itself looks," he said, vowing to raise his concerns in Parliament today.

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It should be noted that the offending scenes aren't mandatory for players, who can opt to skip them entirely using included 'checkpoints'.

An Activision spokesperson said: "At the beginning of the game there are two checkpoints where the player is advised that some people may find an upcoming segment disturbing.

"These checkpoints can't be disabled. It is appropriately rated 18 for violent scenes."