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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

As amazing as you expected - but with a few surprises along the way...

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But besides that, the rest of our whines are pointlessly minor. You can see some of the single-player campaign's big reveals coming a mile away, and many of the best levels just aren't long enough. But with so much polish everywhere else, we feel callous for complaining. Modern Warfare 2 is so stuffed with content and ripe for replay (especially Spec Ops), it almost justifies that controversial extra £5 on the price tag. Almost.

Put simply, Modern Warfare 2 is better than the last game. In fact, it easily takes its place as the best shooter on PS3. Just don't buy it purely for single-player, because the series has evolved beyond its roots as a linear shooter to something more progressive; something community-led, with a major focus on online and co-op.


As for visiting space.. well, there are some things you shouldn't know until you play it. But rest assured, like everything else in the game, it'll blow you away.

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Overall Sublime in single, co-op and multiplayer. An incredible package.

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