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Resi 5: Alternative Edition coming as DLC

...instead of a standalone disc, thanks to the voting fans

The extra content included in the new Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition will be released in UK and US as downloadable content, Capcom has confirmed.

RE5: Alternative Edition will arrive in Japan as a full retail disc, but Capcom opted for the DLC route in the west after putting the decision to the fans via a pole on its official site. Almost 1500 out of just under 2400 votes opted for DLC delivery.

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"You will not be asked to purchase a new copy of the game just to get at the new stuff, just make sure to hold on to your RE5 disc and you'll be ready to roll in Spring 2010 when we make available new Resident Evil adventures (and some other things we haven't told you about yet) for you," said Capcom.

The Alternative Edition includes a new mission called Lost in Nightmares, in which Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine explore a dark mansion - reminiscent of the original game. And it looks bloody awesome.

The PS3 version will also boast support for Sony's new motion control wands due for release next Spring.