MW2 patch causing trophy errors?

Reports of server sync errors flood in following MW2 patch

A number of PS3 owners are reporting problems syncing their Trophy collection on PSN, following a recently-released Modern Warfare 2 patch that was aimed at fixing Trophy unlock issues.

Hordes of users have hit the official PlayStation forums to complain of the problem - referencing the error code '80022a07' - which apparently sees the PS3 failing to synchronise the console's trophy data with the PSN server.

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A number of posts claim to have began experiencing issues after having installed the MW2 patch, which fixes Trophy unlocks in both multiplayer and Spec Ops (as reported earlier), although there's no confirmed link between the two.

It could be an isolated issue following a brief PSN server outage yesterday, but we're checking with Sony. If you're having any problems let us know in the comments below.