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Russia recalls Modern Warfare 2

Russian gamers not happy over portrayal of civilian massacre

Whoops, didn't see this one coming, much. But, as the internet is widely reporting this morning, Russia has recalled copies of Modern Warfare 2, due to the inclusion of the airport massacre level within the game.

UPDATE: Activision has responded to the recall claims here

Developer Infinity Ward has apparently patched the PC version to completely edit out the offending level, with a new completely censored version due to be released to retail shortly.

This video is no longer available

Apparently Russian gamers haven't received Infinity Ward's amazing shooter with open arms either, with the game's US versus Russian plotline not receiving the warmest of welcomes in the heart of the former Soviet empire.

Anyway, SPOILER ALERT but here's a quick tip to assuage any guilty feelings you may have had from mowing down innocent civilians in Modern Warfare 2. Erm, you don't have to. Simply hang back and don't shoot them. It's not compulsory. Not that that applies to the security forces of course, they deserve everything they get. Weapons free.