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Res Evil: Darkside costume and tofu galleries

A fine selection of costume screens and some tofu ones too

It's early on a Monday morning and truth be told we're not properly awake yet, but we can always make time for some hot zombie action in our lives. Fortunately a plethora of new shots from Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles have emerged to assuage our Monday morning blues.

The successor to the Umbrella Chronicles arrives before the end of this month on the 27th in facr, but even this early in the gaming week, we're a touch mystified by some of these shots which come from the game's 'Tofu' mode and appear to allow you to blast smegging great lumps of soy milk protein to pieces.

Of more interest perhaps will be the costume screenshots, showing some of the vast array of bonus costumes from the game.

There's a couple more movies on the way too, which we'll upload shortly, but for the moment, enjoy the wealth of Res Evil screens on display.