Bayonetta torture movie

Learn how to unleash serious pain with Sega's blade-totin' heroine

Just what you want for a mildly sunny Tuesday morning, a brand new Bayonetta video leaking litre-bottles-worth of the red stuff.

Sega's Devil May Cry-esque slasher certainly isn't afraid to pick up where the likes of Manhunt and Madworld left off, providing a fair few 'tongue-in-cheek' environmental kills to sate bloodlusts.

We were particularly amused by the whirlwind flurry of Charlie Chaplin kicks up the backside, before our lean-bodied heroine finished off her foe with a bit of head-lopping under a guillotine. Pure poetry.

Bayonetta is set to release for the very early part of 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360.