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Phoenix Wright Wii Ware: screenshots and date

Screens and details on the legal adventures coming to Wii

Capcom has confirmed that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be released for Wii in the UK in 2010 next year and we've got first screenshots from the game.

Three of Phoenix Wright's Ace Attorney games will be available for download through Nintendo's service, kicking off with the original legal adventure early next year

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be followed by Justice For All in Spring 2010 and Trials And Tribulations at a later date to be confirmed.

As with the DS adventures, players will collect evidence, weed through inconsistent testimonies and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails.


All three are the same as the DS originals so in Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright will be defending his childhood friend Larry Butz from a murder charge. Owners of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be able to download the bonus episode that appeared in the original Nintendo DS version of the game at a later date.

In Justice For All, Phoenix Wright faces Franziska von Karma who wants revenge and won't stop at anything to take him down.

Finally, Trials and Tribulations sees Phoenix facing the toughest prosecutor yet - the mysterious hard-boiled Godot.

Check out the first screens below and let us know if you'll be downloading Wright on WiiWare...