MW2: a record number of records?

The records keep rolling in - online as well as off-line.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 continues to justify its hype as "The biggest entertainment launch ever" by smashing yet more records - this time for online play.

Activision has revealed that more than 5.2 million multiplayer hours were logged playing MW2 on Xbox Live on its first day of release alone; more than 2.2 million unique gamers played it on November 10, a record for Xbox Live; and more than 11 million achievements were unlocked on Xbox Live on the first day alone.

Those figures don't even take into account traffic generated by MW2 on the PlayStation Network, so it's fairly safe to say that yet more records will be broken by the first-person shooter in the near future.

Its $550 million first-week gross comfortably trounced previous records, including the top-grossing film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (a measly $394 million); and the previous top-grossing, Grand Theft Auto IV (a slightly less paltry $500 million). It also beat GTA IV's first-day record of $310 million gross. If only we had shares in Activision...

Will Modern Warfare 2 become the most record-breaking game ever? We wouldn't bet against it - even if any bookmaker would actually give us odds...