Miyamoto: "New SMB Wii the most challenging yet"

Nintendo's game guru outlines how SMB has more 'oomph'

Nintendo's gaming guru Shigeru Miyamoto believes that player will find New Super Mario Bros. Wii more challenging than the DS original.

"I do think the game has a lot more oomph to it than the first New SMB," Miyamoto told Japanese magazine Famitsu. "World one and two are pretty forgiving, things ramp up starting with World three, and it gets even harder at World six. I think by the time you master World six you'll have all the skills you need. You could say this game is a challenge to gamers, to see if they have the perseverance it takes."

In the same interview, Miyamoto also compared the new Super Guide feature to the P-Wing in Super Mario Bros. 3. "In Mario 3 there was an item, the P-Wing, that basically let you skip a single stage at any time," he said. "I figured that since that game has 80 levels or so anyway, it'd be nice to let gamers take a pass on at least one or two of them; then, once they beat the game, they could go back to those stages and try them again. In New SMB Wii, we took that to another level."

You can read more from Miyamoto in a special celebratory 50th issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine which goes on sale on Friday 20 November. Click here to read more about it.

Source: Joystiq