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Use MW2 glitch, get Xbox Live ban

Suspensions being issued to players using the Javelin glitch, says MS

Modern Warfare 2 players exploiting a recently discovered Javelin glitch will be suspended from Xbox Live, says online boss Stephen Toulouse.

Comminicating via his Twitter, Toulouse wrote: "While IW works on getting the MW2 glitch fixed, people we catch using it will receive suspensions from LIVE. Play fair everyone."

He added later:"Using a glitch in a game to get an advantage is explicitly called out in the ToU. It's not like people are doing it by accident.

"Wow some of you think cheating a glitch is ok. um.If I install my car stereo wrong and it disables my door locks, it's not ok to STEAL MY CAR." Indeed it isn't, Steve.

The Javelin glitch - though obviously we can't describe it in full - involves exploiting a bug with the equipment to turn yourself into some sort of exploding suicide bomber. It sounds fun, but if you use it you could be suspended from Live for up to 2 weeks... so better not.