Bayonetta demo launches: Videos

Clothes come off, monsters get murdered

Bayonetta-mania has finally reached these shores: at 11am GMT on 3 December the demo of Sega and Platinum Games' witchified, adult, Steampunk epic appeared on Xbox Live Marketplace, ready for you to download. Given that Bayonetta received an almost unprecedented perfect 10 when reviewed by Edge Magazine, we feel sure that a good deal of you will want to do just that.

Desperate to add it to your Download Queue? Then click here.

The full game will hit the shops on 8 January, providing the perfect winter-warmer, but until then the Bayonetta demo should more than whet your appetite - click here to read our hands-on to discover all the best bits.

And while you're downloading, here's a series of delectable videos we've compiled showing the beginning of the demo, with that minx Bayonetta strutting her sado-masochistic stuff. Enjoy.

This video is no longer available

This video is no longer available