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Terminal Reality hiring for "AAA Natal title"

Open-world, vehicle gameplay hints job ad

We love a good info-packed job ad. Like the ones calling for programmers to work on an "AAA Natal title" in development at Terminal Reality.

"Terminal Reality is looking for a programmer who will be able to develop state of the art animation systems for next-generation console games. Those who love the bleeding edge will want in on this position as it involves solving some difficult problems for an exciting AAA Natal title," says one post.

Further hints are dropped in a second post for a vehicle AI programmer. "Design and implement AI systems as part of the Terminal Reality AI team, particularly as they pertain to vehicle based AI," it goes on to say (via Superannuation). "Create ambient vehicle and pedestrian behaviors, as well as race and chase AI. Develop vehicle navigation systems for both open and constrained environments, seeking AI, and avoidance AI."

A Natal-powered, open-world Ghostbusters sequel? We can dream...