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Court ruling backs DS flash carts

Consoles should be open development platforms like Windows, says Paris court

Nintendo has lost a major court battle today over the production of flash cartridges for its DS handheld, according to reports, after a judge ruled that developers should be allowed to develop applications for the platform at their own free will.

Nintendo apparently filed a suit against the Divineo group over the production of flash carts for the handheld.

It's reported that the judge, however, ruled against Nintendo, accusing it of locking out developers from its consoles, and suggesting that the platform should be more like Microsoft's Windows operating system, on which applications can be developed freely by anyone.

This, as Maxconsole notes, is a huge blow to Nintendo in the fight against flash cart-based piracy, as it could suggest the distribution of such devices should be deemed completely legal.

Nintendo has been embroiled in an epic struggle against widespread DS piracy, particularly threatening action against sellers of the popular R4 flash cart.

Full court documents are expected soon.