GTA IV 'too big' for DLC success

Analyst claims GTA IV's epic size put gamers off DLC

Is GTA IV really too big to carry off DLC in the form of expansion packs The Lost and The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony?

Well that radical view is the opinion of our old analyst chum Michael Pachter from Morgan Wedbush - who, in response to AmTech analyst Ben Schachter (are you following? Keep up) - said that he thought the original GTA IV was too big and that many players never actually finished it.

Speaking to VG247, Pachter said: "Ben's right that the DLC disappointed, but I suspect that the reason is that GTA games are so massive that a substantial majority of the GTA audience hasn't finished the core game, so they don't feel especially compelled to buy the DLC.

"My guess is that fewer than 20% of GTA owners finished the game so fewer were interested in DLC."

Controversial stuff indeed. But what do you think CVG-ers? Did you play GTA IV all the way through and if you didn't, did it put you off buying either bit of the admirable DLC? Let us know in the comments field below.