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Bayonetta director wants to revive Viewtiful Joe

Hideki Kamiya would like to finish the story

Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya has admitted that he'd like to make a new Viewtiful Joe game.

Kamiya directed the brilliant side-scrolling beat 'em up which was released on GameCube in 2003, and although Viewtiful Joe will make an appearance in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom next year, he hasn't played the lead role in a game since Double Trouble hit DS three years ago.

However, as Kamiya told Game Informer, the Viewtiful Joe saga isn't finished.

"I don't have the rights to any of the IPs that I've made," admitted Kamiya who left Capcom to form Platinum Games. "They belong to the companies that publish them, and they're a business so they have a right to exploit those IPs as they want... Viewtiful Joe is probably all I've got left.

"That story is incomplete so I'd like to finish it someday. But that would probably be the most difficult one to do."

We hope he does finish it because punching helicopters out of the sky in first two VJ games was the mutt's nuts.