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Play Slayer at Slayer (Halo 3)

Dust off your copy of Halo 3 for Game With Fame

Slayer is the latest band to feature as part of Microsoft's long-running Game With fame series, which kicks into action on December 16.

An update from the band reads: "Members of the metal group Slayer will bring their attitude and gaming skills to Xbox Live to play Gold members in Slayer Mode (naturally) in Halo 3. If you're a Gold Member join us Wednesday, December 16 starting at 7:00 P.M. ET for the carnage."

This video is no longer available

If that sounds like you then here's what you need to do. Send a friend request to the following Gamertags and be online half an hour before (6:30 P.M. ET) the Game with Fame session starts.

SlayerKerry GwF
SlayerDave GwF

We dare you to ask Kerry King why he's got a girl's name...