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Black Mesa release delayed

Fan made remake "will not make a 2009 release" says dev

The hotly-anticipated fan-made remake of Half-Life, which uses the latest version of Valve's Source engine, has been delayed and won't be out this year as planned.

"Unfortunately, to our great disappointment, Black Mesa will not make a 2009 release," says the team.

"Cynics may now rejoice, bets may be collected, and I think a mod team member has to eat his shoe, but we hope our loyal fans will forgive us and realize that the delay will translate into a better final product that's (hopefully) more easily available to everyone.

This video is no longer available

"Once again we apologize for what has to be very disappointing news. We placed a 2009 deadline on ourselves to motivate us and bring this 6 year project to a close. And while we didn't quite make it, we have come very close, and you can expect a complete, polished game to hit your hard drives in the near future. We'll be sure and update if anything changes. Until then, hang tight, it's coming!"