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Nintendo frustrated with GTA sales

Chinatown Wars needs more marketing says Dunaway

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is one of the best DS games of the year. but high scores from critics haven't been matched with high sales, something that frustrates Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway.

Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales & marketing believes more marketing support should be put behind it to ensure improved sales.

"It's frustrating," Dunaway told MTV. "Certainly there have been mature titles - Resident Evil, the first Call Of Duty - that have sold over 1 million units. With something like GTA there's great content there and we do think that it will have a long tail and we've seen that with a lot of titles across all genres on DS.

"Part of what's needed is that you have to put marketing support behind these titles. One of the things we've learned is that the dynamic of 'throw it on television for a few weeks and then move on and forget about it' just doesn't work because consumers are out there and new consumers are coming all the time so you've got to keep coming up with new ways to expose it.

"I think they should continue to put marketing support behind it," she concluded.

Many Nintendo fans believe that the failure of perceived hardcore titles such as GTA will mean that third parties will shift their focus away from mature titles but with games such as Red Steel 2, Silent Hill and No More Heroes 2 coming next year, there are plenty of titles aimed at gamers next year. But will another GTA game be released on a Nintendo platform?