The 12 Compos of Christmas: Day 1

Win a Borderlands bag and a fancy copy of the game.

Welcome to the first day of our non-denominational holiday giveaway! This is the reason we work hard all year, readers. To make your Festivus special. Begin the feats of strength!


We've grabbed a supreme bit of loot from 2K: a Borderlands bag, and an extra-shiny copy of the game to tide you over the inevitable non denominational holiday awkwardness. The huge, Diablo-like shooter will soothe those Turkey vapours with compulsive gun gathering (of the game's claimed 17 million) and fun character tweaking. Do you want friendly fire to heal any co-op team mates? It can be so. Hit up the Borderlands website for more info on the game - you can even plan your first character there.

To enter our giveaway-a-ganza you just need to make a CVG account (or log in) and fill in your details here. You've only got until the end of tomorrow to enter, though (11/12/09), because by then we'll have more awesome stuff to hand out. Check back then, and all through the next couple of weeks, to find out what.