Army of Two: The 40th Day

Producer on reviews, layoffs and violating the Geneva Convention

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There's been the unfortunate news at EA recently of employees being made redundant and projects being cancelled. Do you feel you need to justify Army of Two's existence now that it's one of the projects that survived the cull?

Turner: A little bit maybe. I don't think it makes us work any harder, we're a pretty passionate group to begin with and everyone back in Montreal loves to make videogames and works their asses off. I think more than it makes us feel like we have to prove ourselves. I think it makes us feel grateful that we have such a great group of guys that are committed and able to make great products. We're more grateful and happy that we're in that position than we feel we need to prove ourselves.

All across the company the development teams are really into it and love their jobs. That's a company-wide thing I think, we don't take it for granted. What happened, happened. It was a business decision. All these factors like the current climate meant it had to happen. It was unfortunate but I think what it came down to was numbers and as developers we're just happy to be able to make stuff.


Do you think you'll get a good critical reception this time?

Turner: I think so. I'm pretty optimistic actually. People are getting it and that's half the battle. They understand where we're coming from and are enjoying it. The risks that we're taking and the new stuff we're implementing through co-op and the morality choices... we're just trying to keep it fresh and make an interesting product. I think the reviewers so far were pretty into it so I'm very hopeful and very optimistic at the same time that we're going to get a good reception.

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